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Although there are many good reasons for you to buy a home, wealth building ranks among the top of the list. We call home ownership the best “accidental investment” most people ever make. But, we believe when it is done right, home ownership becomes an “intentional investment” that lays the foundation for a life of financial security and personal choice. There are solid financial reasons to support your decision to buy a home, and, among these, equity build up, appreciation, and tax benefits stand out.


Base your decision to buy on facts, not fears.
  • If you are paying rent, you very likely can afford to buy
  • There is never a wrong time to buy the right home. All you need to do in the short run is find a good buy and make sure you have the financial ability to hold it for the long run
  • The lack of a substantial down payment doesn’t prevent you from making your first home purchase their are many buyer down payment assistance programs available
  • A less-than-perfect credit score won’t necessarily stop you from buying a home
  • The best way to get closer to buying your ultimate dream home is to buy your first home now
  • Buying a home doesn’t have to be complicated – we will help you along the way


The Home Buying Process


Get Pre-Qualified by a lender 1st.

A very important step in the home-buying process is to get pre-qualified for a mortgage: This will give you/us an idea of the price range that you can afford so that we can go out and find the best deal on a home that is right for you.

Getting pre-qualified will require that you provide a lender with some basic information on your income, assets, and debt. We can arrange to have this done for you at no cost.

Another benefit in getting pre-qualified is that it is an expression of your seriousness in purchasing a home, which may be a deciding factor in a situation of competing offers from other not-yet qualified buyers on your dream home.


Finding your home

You may think that shopping for homes starts with jumping in the car and driving all over town. And it’s true that hopping in the car to go look is probably the most exciting part of the home-buying process. However, driving around is fun for only so long

Our website is a great way to find your home, unlike other Internet Real Estate sites all the information come directly from the major multiple listing services that Real Estate Agents use, you can use the mobile application while driving in areas you desire to live or use the main Internet site from your desk top, laptop, ipad or tablet.


 Agreement to Purchase

 We will review and explain the various terms of the purchase contract with you so you will have a good understanding of your offer.

Real Estate transactions include an extensive negotiating process, and as your buyer's Agency it will be Our job to represent you here and get the best deal possible.


After the Acceptance of Your Offer

Now the buying process starts, The typical real estate transaction involves many separate individuals – mortgage brokers and underwriters, inspectors, appraisers, escrow officers, seller’s agents, title companies, and a number of other individuals whose actions and decisions have to be orchestrated in order to perform in harmony and get a home sale closed.

We will coordinate all the professionals involved in your home purchase and to act as the advocate for you and your interests throughout the process including property inspections making sure any and all agreed-on repair work is carried out. 


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